BDSM rules

Safe – you understand what you are doing, and are not putting anyone in undue harm. Sane – you and your partner are both of sound mind. You are sober and in control of your capabilities.

Consensual – everyone involved is a consenting adult who is not being manipulated or coerced.

Avoid making assumptions.

Be honest.

Be self­-aware – know your own wishes, needs and limits.

Be tolerant:

Respect other people.

Respect other people’s relationships.

Respect other people’s sexuality.

Respect other people’s gender identity.

Always respect the safe word. If someone says RED, you STOP.

Respect limits.

Respect anonymity.

Don’t scare the vanillas.

Dominant does not mean domineering.

Submissive does not mean a doormat.

The actions of the submissive or slave reflect on the dominant.

The choice of dominant reflects on the taste and values of the submissive.