Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries

EKKM, 2008

Pigtail 3’34”/In The Corner 1’27”

Princess Diaries is a two-sided video installation. On one side is the video of a girl (the artist) who is standing in a corner and giving a list of things she is not allowed to do and of things she is supposed to do:

I’m not allowed to be weak.

I’m not allowed to dream.

I’m not allowed to be afraid.

I can’t cry too much.

I can’t be too critical.

I have to graduate successfully.

I have to earn some money.

I have to participate at least in three art projects in a year.

I have to take care of my looks.

I have to give birth at least to one child.

… all cliches taken from everyday life; rules that are aggressively cultivated and dictated by heteronormative society.

At the same time there is a video running on the other side of the screen where the same girl is trying to entwine a pigtail but constantly failing in it.

The screen is semi-transparent so the videos melt together.

Video installation has been exhibited at the solo show You, Me and Everyone We Don’t Know and in Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, 2008 September and in Tartu Art Museum in 2013.

Curated by Rael Artel.