2009 City Gallery
with Laura Kuusk

Soon is a work about hope and promises. In every beginning of a new year we are used to make a wish or give a promise to ourselves or to a person close to us. It is kind of a game that keeps hunting souls.

We learn to live, walking on the repetitions as on the crutches.

According to Lyotard, a repetition escapes from a repetition. We are trying to make ourselves to forget and by doing so, the repetition fixes the forgetness.

In this video I present myself as a swinging Princess. Playing a princess is the most passive role a woman can have – wait for her Prince and then offer one’s body for dead traditions.

The work has been done with Laura Kuusk and was exhibited at Town Gallery, Tallinn, 2009.

soon-audio-laurakuusk-annastinatreumund by laurakuusk